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…Hermione’s Everyday Socks…

…Hermione’s Everyday Socks…

For the longest time, I have wanted to knit myself a pair of socks, but it felt like a Really Hard Thing to learn. After seeing so many versions of the Hermione’s Everyday Sock pop up on my instagram feed, I knew it was time to face my sock-fear head on. Except I got to the heels and knitted the wrong side. So I frogged it. Then I left attempt two on the daybed and a kid jumped on it, and snapped a needle. So I frogged it. Then attempt three. Finally getting somewhere, but a whole lot of life happened and they ended up in the WIP drawer.


After new year, we went camping with some friends, and I needed a small handwork project that I could work on during the days, while still chatting, so needed to be something reasonably simple and rhythmic. My crochet blanket was too big, and my cross-stitch too complex. In the end, I decided to pick up the 20 or so rows I had started, and packed it along with me, and a couple of cruisey days by the river chatting to lovely friends and watching our tribe of kids splash around on the kayaks, and I’d turned the heel and was halfway along the foot. Not long after we returned home I had the first one off the needle.
With such a “swift” finish under my belt, I was super inspired, and within a week or two, had the second sock off the needle, and was happily wearing my very first me-made socks…and planning my next pair. And the pair after that. I think I’ve become a knit-sock-convert – look at the gorgeous texture in these babies!

As a beginner sock pattern, I felt the Hermione’s Everyday Sock was a good starting place for me. In saying that, I have been knitting since I was a child, and am quite a confident knitter, so it was more the mechanics of the heel and gusset I really needed guidance with. The texture pattern was simple to pick up, and the instructions were clear. Definitely a pattern I would recommend, and will definitely make again. The only change I made was to the height of the sock, as I prefer a shorter, just-above-the-ankle sock for general wear, but that was an easy enough change. The yarn (isn’t it scrumptious?) is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend, hand dyed, by Angie’s Studio Yarn** on Etsy, and I am smitten! Thanks to my shortening of the pattern, I still have quite a bit left, which I should be able to get another pair of socks out of (likely with a contrasting band/heel/toes to stretch it a bit further), so I’m on the hunt for another cure pattern that is worthy of this gorgeousness – any suggestions?

Today, we are celebrating school break, and being well after a weekend of sickness, with crafting and building All The Lego, and feasting on leftover birthday cake. I have a pile of projects I am planning and a few to photograph for the blog. Spring cleaning is calling my name, so there’s also a whole lot of list making on to to-do list, and if the day stays nice, I’m thinking a trip to the farm to dig in the veggie garden is in order. Lots of fun in store, just the way school break should be. Have a magical Tuesday friends!


This is project five of 26 for the Make All The ThingsChallenge I am doing with Carrose Creative. You can see my other finished projects here. Please feel free to play along if you would like and drop us a link in the comments to your project!

**I am an Etsy affiliate, which means if you click this link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only ever affiliate link to products and places I genuinely use and love. Thank you for supporting my blog!

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