hooking along.

Monday was gentle on us. The hint of smoke wafted in on the slowly warming air as we slowly walked to school. Butterfly chatted happily as we wandered downtown. A fabric store trip for a FQ yielded some clearance fabric and some wool blanketing. I’ve an itch to make the wee girl a silk-ribbon-embroidered ted. The first swoon block is cut and awaiting sewing. I spent possibly too long on Ravelry looking for sock patterns, and too long on Pinterest looking. My girl and I whipped up some scones for afternoon tea. We read and cuddled and played dollies and went for a walk around the street. The small people absconded to Nanny’s for a sleepover, leaving a night free and clear for kicking back and relaxing. I thought of going for a run, but my tummy was over-full with those scones and organic cream. I snuck in some crochet in front of the telly while chatting to husband. Nice and chilled, just the way we like our Mondays. And Tuesday is looking to be kind as well. Meeting with some friends this morning before holidays. Home for naps and power cleaning and sewing. Stalking the postie. I’m aiming to get the first swoon stitched, and the second cut. I’d love to crack open my watercolours if I get a chance, but it’s looking less likely the further the day progresses. Maybe I’ll scrap all those plans and put Butterfly to bed, pop on a movie, and do some stitching. Hello Tuesday, can’t wait to see what you bring us. Let’s do this!

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