how to train your dragon…



Well, not really. It’s so cute I don’t think it really needs training. This little chappy is a project that has been a long time coming, and Miss AJ has been very patient waiting for me to get this fellow done – I only started way back in September, as a little thank you for a cute hat she sent down for Boy2. The trouble with a teeny tiny project like this is he would get packed away and then overlooked. But I had some downtime yesterday, and managed to get him all sewn together and assembled. I used this pattern here, and didn’t think it turned out too bad for my first Amigurumi critter! I have another little dragon planned, and then some ideas on how to incorporate colourwork to make some little fellows for my boys.

I have two of the three small people with me today, still lurgied up and resting peacefully. The housework is pretty much done, so I’m calling it mama rest time too. I’m going to find a nice comfy spot and curl up with my crochet – I have a Queen Anne’s Lace scarf on the go that I’d like to get knocked out this week. A smidge more baby organising. My nesting urges have the house almost completely under control. The wind is blustering and reminding me not to count the spring chickens before they hatch. Somewhere warm with a hook and yarn sounds like a nice way to pass an hour or so. Maybe a movie too. But first, lunch. Priorities, people.

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