I came, I saw, I conquered…

There once was a keyboard, who was injured in the pursuit of crafty goodness. With callous disregard for my keyboard’s safety, I was attempting to crochet & drink tea at the same time. The crochet attempt wasn’t so hot, either. Frustration reigned supreme. But a trip to Spotlight yesterday solved my problems. I picked up a crochet book recommended by Car, and whaddayaknow? First attempt, and it looks like a granny square! Dear Internet, you are good to me, but on this occassion, the printed media kicks your butt all over the park.


With two boys & their daddy slumbering peacefully, I flicked on a girly movie, and in moments was lost in a trance of chains, trebles & slip-stitches. The methodical movement of the hook through wool had me mesmerised as I counted stitches, and as round after round was completed, I marveled as the long-pursued granny rug appeared beneath my fingers.


And that boogeyman was following again yesterday, and an extra ball of wool just happened to fall into my basket. Oops, however did that get in there? Can’t let it go to waste now, so may have to make myself a pair of gloves – good thing the pattern only calls for one ball!



A glance out the window first thing this morning confirmed my plans for the day. A miserable day is perfect for lots of snuggly crafts in the studio. Sewing, quilting, another round or two of crochet. Finish my latest novel. The toddler is helping me make a Thomas the Tank Engine quilt cover (the reason for the Spotlight trip, the crochet was a side diversion!) – originally he asked for a green blanket, but we ended up with a Thomas panel & a couple of co-ordinating fabrics. Not my taste at all – who said almost-three-year-olds were allowed an opinion? It’s a fun, creative, messy type of Saturday here, lots of fun and family time. Let’s do this!

2 thoughts on “I came, I saw, I conquered…

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      So I’m forgiven for inadvertently wrecking your laptop???

      Glad to hear the book working for someone else too 😉

    • Author gravatar

      I suppose I can forgive you! How good is that book? Two minutes of reading and it “clicked” – and man was I doing wrong before! No wonder I couldn’t get a granny blanket to appear!

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