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…i scream you scream…

…i scream you scream…

With three blanket finishes under my belt in quick succesion, crochet has become a well established part of my evening routine. I thought, though, I was ready for a change back to knitting, and so I started a knitted blanket – and promptly hated it and pulled it apart. The idea of a new blanket went on the back burner again… until last weekend.

It all started innocently enough. Pinterest screenshots started appearing in the chat. It’s not an uncommon occurance, though, and more often than not, goes no further. Then came the insta screenshots of colour combos. By this point, I could hear the rumbles of the clouds of a new project building on the horizon, but there was still the chance it would fizzle out. Then the final sprinkle of new project magic arrived. Enabler One had recently moved, you see, and all her yarn was still in a box. Did Enabler Two and I want her to tip it out and see the colours in real life? Of course, the answer was yes, and so what was supposed to be a 30 second video call to watch the deluge of yarn, turned into a two hour hangout, debating various colour blends until we all had an epic bundle of prettiness ready to start something awesome.

We settled on a basic waffle pattern, with a 240 stitch foundation chain. For the most part, we all have the same colours, with a few minor variations. My colours, in Stylecraft Special DK, are: citron, saffron, shrimp, blush, clematis, wisteria, cloud, sherbet, aspen, and spring green. Alley is doing the same combo, with the exception of fondant in place of blush. Car has the same swap, and also has omitted the cloud. Aside from those couple of changes, we are all matchy matchy – much more so than when we started the rainbow wave. Between all our various projects, we all had enough to get started at least, and then by serendipitous chance, we discovered a coupon for LoveCrafts* for yesterday, giving us the perfect opportunity to stock up on what we needed. Half my colours are coming straight from my sunrise stripe sampler, so I didn’t need a lot, and hopefully what I have on hand will keep me going until the new yarn arrives.

Today is a busy one around here. There’s school to be taught and work to be done. I’ve got a couple of sewing projects sitting out after getting a good start yesterday afternoon that I want to get more progress on. The children have started some embroideries that they need some help with. I need to work on some decal designs in the cricut app for a friend. My art journal is crying out for attention too. I’ve managed my walk and morning painting and not much more, so the first order of business is to get my to-do list sorted, and then dive head first into this crazy busy Monday. Coffee on board, coloured pens at the ready, let’s do this day!

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