It appears I made up a crochet stitch.

Sitting around at Camp Kayscha, we were all merrily rippling away when I noticed something. Mine had not only the ripple design across the blanket, but it also has a wave from front to back. Everyone else’s lay beautifully flat. Mine was textured. You can see Car’s finished blanket here – look how lovely and flat it is. In comparison, this is mine:

Adjusting your crochet stitch to add a wave texture to a ripple blanket.

I’m now used to it, and quite like the texture of it, but at the time it was so frustrating. Maybe it was the yarn? The hook? We couldn’t seem to pin it down, so merrily off I went, accepting that’s how my blanket was going to be.

Fast forward to quilt camp 2012, and Kayscha wanted to learn to ripple. So I sat and started talking her through it, at which point we realised that I was using a US treble for my stitch, instead of the UK treble in the pattern. I was too far in to consider frogging, and I had gotten used to the extra texture in the blanket. I liked it, I was happy, I kept going.

Except, apparently, I’m a very special snowflake, and we discovered at Camp Coochie that I wasn’t actually doing a US treble. Nor a half treble. Nor a double treble. It was appear that I’m an absolute epic fail at this crochet gig, and managed to create a whole new stitch, half way between the two types of treble. Well, by “new”, I mean it’s very possibly most likely pretty much definitely been done somewhere before, but we could find it. So I’ve made up a video to demonstrate how to do the “Dovey Special”, as well as my version of a decrease, for making a ripple blanket. I’m all ears if you have a name suggestion for it!

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      Love your video! And love your special new stitch though Im wondering how on earth you managed that one!!! I do wonder if you took a little from Uk and some from US and tadah a new stitch!!! Well done & I do so love the wavy ripply look to your blanket!

      Cannot wait to see the stitches you create from our next blanket

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      That blanket is so beautiful and the video makes the stitch so clear that even I (who doesn’t know her UK treble from her US treble) could follow it. Well done on the VLOG – so clever! Thanks for linking it to I’m Pinning Around. xx

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        Thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad the video was clear – and obviously I’m the kind of dodgy crocheter who also does know the difference! Such a dork! I’m glad to have found your party, so many cool projects added to my boards. x

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      Love it!

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