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…marvelous mandala…

…marvelous mandala…

Aside from a couple of nasty heat wave weeks, January so far has been quite cool compared to normal. With most of my handwork projects wrapped up, I was left with just my mandala blanket to work on. Thankfully, the cooler weather meant I was able to continue making progress on it of an evening, and for the first time, I managed to finish a crochet blanket in under 12 months!

The last few rounds dragged out a bit – at almost 300 stitches a side, it was a long way around! The finished blanket though was worth those long haul SC marathons.

The blanket pattern is “Atlanticus”, and I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn. The colours I used, from the centre out, are: Cream, Lemon, Citron, Sunshine, Spice, Grass Green, Kelly Green, Turquoise, Cloud Blue & Sherbet. It’s not a huge blanket, but will be a good size for a lap blanket on a cool evening in front of the telly.

This was the final part of my 2020 100 Days project, and I am already considering my next blanket, which is likely to be the basis of my 2021 100 Days project. I’m thinking of finally starting the rework of my sunrise stripe sampler for this years project.

It’s been a busy few days around here, and today is promising more of the same. I’m hoping though, by this afternoon, I might be able to finally carve out some crafty time, with a pair of sandals calling my name to finally get finished, and I have a skirt I would love to get stuck into sewing. There’s been plenty of kid craft, with a kitchen covered in salt dough creations, and I did manage a bit of knitting at the dentist yesterday. We’ve got our homeschool renewal tomorrow so I need to get that paperwork sorted and emailed today. At least with a four day weekend coming up and all my planning and reporting done, I should be able to get some decent craft time in guilt free. Hopefully. But first, I need to kick this to-so list’s butt before it kicks mine. A quick coffee, a whip around the house, and then head first into the day. Come at me Thursday, let’s get productive.

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