ribbet, ribbet

At quilt camp, the lovely Kayscha gave us all a very pretty ball of pink yarn. It was soft and fluffy and I may or may not have patted it in a slightly disturbing way, singing “Soft Kitty”. And ever since, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect project, it’s just too nice to use on any old thing! So I found a nice cowl pattern on Ravelry, and in went the needles and yarn for the holiday craft basket. Except I packed the wrong needles. A rainy day meant a trip to the shops, and soon I held the right circular needle in my hands, and we were off.


I’m now 35 rows in, and to be honest, I think it needs frogging. I seem to have occasionally ended up with too many stitches, or not enough, and the pattern is kind of wonky. A quick count in my last knitting round and I have ended up with 9 groups of 15 instead of 8. I’m undecided whether to press ahead, be more focused and call the beginning rows “character”, or ditch it and get it right completely.


Today’s been a funny old day, but some swinging in the sun with my two smallest little people, and some painting (finger for them, new oils for me) has soothed me and I feel back on even keel. Almost. My studio is clean, and the ideas are flowing freely. I’m waiting on the paint to dry, so might make the most of nap time to finish the quilting and piece the binding on my ANZAC Day quilt, and sew up a couple more foundations on a mug rug. Or maybe some beading. Or a book on the day bed. Or a movie with that knitting. Housework? What housework? It’ll be there tomorrow. Sadly. Time to have some lunch, make a choice, and rock this afternoon. Let’s do this!

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