One of the nicest things about belonging to the wonderful group of friends that is my online quilting group is the occasional little mailbox surprise. A while back, the very sweet AJ offered me a hat she’d made, that was too big for her little chap, but would fit Boy2. It was a very excited Boy2 who rocked out the shark hat at preschool, let me tell you! So when Miss AJ posted up a link to This little dragon pattern, asking if anyone who could crochet would be able to make it for her, well, of course I was happy to return the postie love.

But as with all best laid projects, it got started, and then left. But now I’m back on track and determined to finish it this week! The head is done and stuffed. The body is crocheted. All that’s left to do is make the arms, add a couple of embellishments and then assemble him, and he is on his way to his new home.

So that’s my plan for today. This morning has been full of playdates and appointments and post-long-weekend tidying. Bear, who still has two days of holidays left, wants to make a cake, which we might try and get in the oven before Boy2 finishes preschool. He also wants to earn to knit, and so of course half my collection of children’s needles have disappeared, so maybe a trip to the craft shop needs to join the list. And of course a little dragon to finish. Maybe some writing – that patch of sun on the back patio is looking very inviting. Or maybe I’ll just read a book. It’s really the best kind of autumn Monday…

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