Shades of Grey.

As I sit on the lounge of an evening, I pull the slowly forming blanket from the basket, and settle into the now-familiar rhythm. Treble, treble, treble, treble. Two together, and again, and treble once more. Slowly the rows build upon each other, and another band of color joins the rest. Aqua, red, pink, white, green. I started grey a clue of times, but it never seemed right. Now at the end of the repeat, the decision must be made. To grey or not to grey, that is The Question.

My somewhat controversial color choices are inspired by the Vintage Modern fabric collection, as this little ripple throw will be paired with the Vintage Modern BOM quilt I’m working on at the minute. Though when I say “working on”, I mean in the loosest possible sense. Four months in and I have only just pulled out the accumulated kits and cut the required pieces. At which point all four went back in the bags. So yeah. “Working on” it. But one day, there will a quilt, destined for life in our loungeroom as a super-sized snuggle quilt, and when I got sucked into the ripple craze, I thought it would be the perfect compliment.

But that grey. It just doesn’t sit right with me. I do think, in this instance, despite the grey used repeatedly in the fabrics, that it is better left out. I think. Have I mentioned I’m indecisive?

With the grey:

Without the grey:

Having laid the fabric against the rug, I’m pretty well decided to frog the grey. Meaning I now have enthusiasm for the project again and am ready to ripple my little fingers off while husband dearest is home on holidays.

This morning Bear was booked in for holiday activities at the library, so daddy stayed home with the small two, which left me at a loose end for half hour or so. Guess it was lucky I brought my design supplies, a small corner of the library presented itself, and I managed to sketch out a design for a set of art-inspired mug rugs I’ve been thinking about. I’m so close to getting the studio finished, so I’m hiding in here for the afternoon and cleaning and sewing hats. Six of ’em. You don’t want to know how close my deadline is. Two small boys have new library books and are happily basking in the sun on the deck just outside my door, their running commentary mingling with YouTube playing Train, and creating the perfect soundtrack for soothing a mama’s soul. Sunshine, spring breeze and sewing. Tuesday, you are just delightful.

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