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Snow Matter What

Snow Matter What

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a crafter in possession of a gnome habit, must be in want of a knit along named after an Austen hero…or something to that effect.

I was on the fence about the Snow Matter What knit along, and then I saw the gnome was named Mr Gnightley, and how could I resist? I was down that rabbit hole faster than you can say “if I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more”.

When I first signed up, I was planning on dyeing my own yarn. The gnomes were up on the wall, and their colours matched the rest of my homemade Christmas goodies; it only seemed logical I should use those same colours for my knitting. Dyeing seemed the logical option, after poking around and not really finding what I was aftI have a bag of undyed yarn of the right weight. The cabin sat empty, the perfect spot for dyeing. Bench space, water, cooktop; no cat to make a mess of soaking yarn. Dyeing seemed the logical option, after poking around and not really finding what I was after. For weeks I kept thinking “I need to go dye that yarn”…for weeks I kept pushing it down the to-do list. I pushed it so far I found myself racing against the deadline of not only the start of the knit along, but my impending Sydney trip that I intended on using as a good chance to catch up on the thirty million projects I got myself into.

Then, one of my lovely instagram mates dropped into my DMs. At the beginning of the hunt, I’d asked in my stories for recommendations of businesses. A couple of weeks later, when My Creative Garage teased their Christmas releases, this helpful crafty friends sent me a link in case any tickled my fancy. and tickle they did. Not only did the Lovelight Farms bundle look quite close to what I was after, but after reading the blurb, it seemed like my kind of book, and I accidentally tripped over the “buy with one-click” button.

In fact, it was so much my kind of book, that when I went to read it on the way to Sydney as part of the Advent readalong, I discovered I actually had two copies on my kindle. The one I bought, and one I’d added when it was available on Prime Reading, and promptly forgot about. I went to return the newer copy, since I don’t need two digital copies – at least if it was two physical copies I could pass one on – and the return button failed to materialise. A bit of googling and checking and it was a lesson learned. Buy in haste, read at leisure, and discover a duplicate three days after the kindle return window ends. Whoops.

The book was fluffy and cute and hit all my favourite rom-com tropes, perfect for a car trip read. Mr17 took the middle shift of driving for me, and in the couple of hours he was behind the wheel, I got well over half my book read. The balance of it, I finished after we checked into the motel and found some dinner and got the smalls into bed. Tick tick tick, those advent goals were falling rapidly.

I only had one of the two needles I needed for the pattern, but luckily for me, I have a standing yarn shop date with a friend any time I’m in Sydney, and was able to pick up the second. It did mean I was a bit behind, having to pick and choose the days I could complete with the one needle I had before we went shopping, but it was worth the wait. Seeing the needles in person at The Granny Square, and speaking to the very knowledgable assistant, was so helpful, and convinced me to take the plunge with a more expensive needle than I might otherwise have tried. And oh my gosh was it worth it! I got a KnitPro Mindful circular, and it is indeed heads and shoulders above my KnitPro Zing circulars.

With both needles now to hand, I had no excuse, and was able to power through the rest of my catch up, and keep up each day once we returned home. For the most part, anyway. By the time we hit Christmas week, there was no time for knitting – there were house guests to prep for and lunch for eighteen to shop for. The gnomes took a back seat. Then Christmas came and went, and we were into three weeks of road trips and visiting with family and being visited by family. Lots of car time and sitting time, and if there is one thing in this world I am incapable of doing, it’s sitting with idle hands. Everywhere we went, the gnomes went with me, until finally, on the very first day of the year, well before Twelfth Night and officially still within Christmas season and thus not overdue, the final stitch went in, and Mr Gnightly and his sgnoeman were done.

I will confess, I expected Mr Gnightly to be more…gnomeish, with a pointy hat and a beard like many of the designer’s other gnomes. Such is the risk one takes with a mystery project, though, isn’t it? I have plenty of yarn leftover, so I may even just buy a gnome pattern and knit (or is that gnit?) a friend or two ahead of next Christmas. Maybe. Remind me in November?

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