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…sock it to me…

…sock it to me…

Back when I first revisited my 202020 list, one of the easiest options seemed to be “two pairs of socks”. I picked up some yarn at spotlight, pre-treated it ready for some natural dyeing, and then realised it wasn’t going to work as well as I thought. I put the idea on the backburner, and moved on to other projects. As time started running out, I jumped online and ordered some more yarn.

Of course, then came the big decision of which pattern to knit. I wanted to try toe up, and a different heel to what I have done previously. A new stitch would be a bonus. Down the rabbit hole of Pinterest I went, and in the end I chose the Butter Cookie sock pattern.

I used a Turkish seamless cast on, and then hooked into get the length knitted up. My spatial awareness skills are non-existent, so it took me a couple of goes to get the flowers working properly. Once I’d worked them out, thought, the foot of the sock came together quite quickly…and then I stalled.

The heel turn, it seems, is my stumbling block. I’ve put the sock aside while I try and find a good chunk of time to work through it properly, but hopefully this week is the week! We are on school break, and all our activities are wound up, so aside from getting the teen to and from work, and a catch up with a friend tomorrow, the week is my own. It’s a solid wall-to-wall craftapalooza all the way from here until Christmas Day. First on the list is to finish the children’s Christmas outfits, and a full family of Christmas masks. We have their Christmas quilts to finish, so in between helping them, I will make a move on my socks. I finished my BOM quilt last night, so I’m just waiting for the weather to clear enough to photograph that. We are behind on our advent activities so there could be some felt ornament making on our list too. 11 days until the jolly fat bloke comes down the chimney, and we are going to make every minute magical.

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