{take flight} The Kayscha Cowl



It’s so nice to see this little beauty made with yarn from Kayscha (hence the name – thought with Miss Car coming to my rescue with some extra to finish it off, it may shortly need to be renamed that Kayscha Car Cowl!) finally taking shape – it’s been started more than once, so I’m very excited to see the end in sight, thanks to our road trip. Being small and compact, this was the perfect “in the car” project, and now I’m totally hooked on it and determined to finish it. I’m four rows off finishing the second repeat, then 14 rows of a half repeat, two rows of purl and it’s done and ready to block! My aim is to have it off the needles by the weekend, but that depends how well my yarn lasts out!


Today has been a nice chilled out morning at home. Playing. Reading. Building box kitchens. I have another Dear Jane block under way, and with the girl asleep and the boy playing happily, I’m tempted to whip out the sewing machine and try and knock a hole in my WIP pile. I also want to order some fabric to make an overnight bag, but I just. can’t. decide!! I’ve also got a scrapbooking itch, but that requires photos for the pages I want to do, which requires ink for the printer, which requires me to get out of my trackies and leave the house. So maybe for tomorrow. We’ll see. First, lunch, then sewing. Happy Hump Day!

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