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Tunisian crochet has been on my list for a while now of “things to try” – I think it was Car who introduced me to it (oh come on, like THAT surprises anyone?), after we had a conversation about poor confuzzled husbands who weren’t quite sure what was crochet, what was knitting, and what the difference between the two was. Which was about the point the concept of Tunisian crochet came into the conversation, being a bit of a mix of the two. And of course, two days later, Car just HAPPENED to find a set of hooks at a too-good-not-to price at Lincraft. But alas, I have no local Lincraft. But then, on holidays, we were in Townsville, and “needed” to go to BCF. Which was in the same complex as Lincraft – which suddenly I “needed” to visit as well. And guess what fell in my basket? Oh what a shame. A quick instagram of my haul, and it seemed Bee was keen to join the bandwagon…which left our little Alley Cat the odd kitten out, but between you and me, I think she’s wavering. We are useful enabler friends like that.


I had a little ball of orange yarn I’d picked up cheaply at BigW to make into a scarf for Boy2, so I figured that was as good a place as any to start. A quick google and Pinterest search lead me to this great tutorial at Moogly, and then I was off and racing! I ended up being a bit concerned I might run out of yarn, so I grabbed another ball of the same orange when we were next near a BigW. I’m not super fast on it yet, but I’m enjoying the change in technique and finish from normal crochet.


Today has been an odd-job-get-ready-for-baby day. The overnight bag is still in progress but inching closer. Boy2 was home from preschool unwell, so a movie day for both he and Butterfly bought me some bonus sewing time. We’ve snuggled a bit and chatted a bit and wandered in the sunshine for a bit, run a few errands and generally laid low. This bag is in my sights to be done this week. Plus the AJ Dragon that I am determined to get off in the post before baby. My cowl needs blocking and my nesting urges are in high gear. All in all, a fine headless chook impression I’m doing, really. Time to make a list and start at the beginning, and learn to let go.

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