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Part of crafting, is that not everything turns out perfectly. I am somewhat of a perfectionist at times, but depending on what I am making, I try to lean into the charm of the imperfect, and not let the pursuit of perfect freeze my progress. Obviously there are times I need to rework things and fix up problems. Clothes to wear? Definitely a fix, as demonstrated by my plans to replace the waistband of my Thurlow shorts, or the time I ripped out 200 rows of a knitted jumper. In quilting, I will unpick mismatched points. In crochet blankets? Well, when they are soft and squishy and drapey, I can live with a bit of a wobble in the sides.

Back in my 100 Days project, I finished my sunrise stripe sampler blanket. This blanket had been a pain from the beginning, to be honest. The original pattern we started with was pretty ordinary, so we moved away from that and started building our own. I found and lost various stitch guides. At one point during the 100 Days, I ripped back 18 rows after having a bit of a triangular thing happening. Once I started reflecting back the rows, I started having tension problems and struggled to get the patterns to match nicely. The middle colour block sat funny. I got it finished, and was so pleased to be able to draw a line under it and move on.

I got it out to photograph for the blog post, and no matter which way I folded and stretched and moved it, the difference in size between the two ends was just more than I could live with. In the bottom right photo above, you can see with the quilting ruler exactly how badly it had gone wrong. I started ripping it back, and the further back I went, the less mojo I had to correct it, and the more I considered just pulling out the whole thing and starting again.

So, friends, that’s what I’m doing. I am pulling apart a nominally finished blanket, and starting again with something completely different. As the weather warms up, my mandala is getting too big to be working on of an evening, so maybe a new blanket is just what I need. I am even tempted to make this one a knitted blanket instead of a crochet blanket.

These are some of the ideas I am kicking around. I did start a mitred square for the top right blanket, but they come out tiny and I was bored and overwhelmed after just one square, so I’m not convinced thats a good option, unless I alter the pattern to make the squares bigger. The two middle pictures are the two most appealing at the minute. Another idea I am kicking around is a log cabin style, not using a pattern but just winging it. What could possibly go wrong with that?

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