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…waffle milestones…

…waffle milestones…

I am a world class procrastinator – just ask my pre-2020 WIP list. I could power through a project, but the second I hit the point I needed to start the final stage, my brain would turn on me and it would be a hard NOPE on progressing to an actual finish. Deadlines, real or imagined, did help somewhat. Then 2020 happened and I finished all the things including three crochet blankets in 100 days. I let myself think maybe I’d turned over a new leaf, and post-plague me was going to be organised, and get things done, and not let them sit.


Back in February, I started a new blanket, supposedly a group project. I powered through the first few repeats, and then as the months passed, I slowed down a bit. Eventually, it got pushed into my craft box and ignored for months. Towards the end of winter I picked it up again, with the intention of adding just a single colour a week. Like all long term projects, once that momentum gets going, it’s the biggest hurdle over, and generally speaking I ended up adding more than needed. At the beginning of blogtober, I shared my current progress, and my hope to finish the blanket before the warmer weather returned. I also mentioned to Car & Alley, who have long since fallen behind, that I wanted the body of the blanket done so I could do the border for this weekend’s upcoming virtual quilt camp.

Oh me oh my is that a deadline I see? My stupid contrary brain is a sucker for deadlines and we were off and racing.

Monday night, I managed to get the final colour hooked on. Yesterday I retrieved the white yarn from my stash in the container. Tonight, over a couple of episodes of Wentworth, I plan to make a start on the border to get it set up ready for the weekend. In true camp fashion, my list for the weekend is rather over-optimistic, especially considering this year I’m at home (again), with four children, two dogs and a cat underfoot. but hey, a girl can dream, right?

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