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…waffling on…

…waffling on…

The last few weeks have been whiplash-crazy, weather wise. One day it will be shorts-and-tshirt glorious, the next, jumpers-and-jeans miserable. I just want winter to be gone already! The last fews days have definitely been more on the wintery end of the spectrum, and the upside of that is bonus crochet time! My waffle blanket, that I had hoped to finish in September (but didn’t) is that deliciously perfect length be both snuggly blanket and current project at the same time. With the rain settled in and the temperature dropping – and the children away for three nights – I settled in for quite the crochet marathon and am getting so so close to being done.

I have just four colours to go and the body of the blanket is done! I then plan to add a white border around the colourful centre. The foundation treble row is a bit wavy (the yellow on the left of the photo, due to the way to pattern forms – in hindsight I should have sized down my hook for that row – but I’m hoping the addition of the border, using the same pattern on the loose edge of the row, will pull it in square. The border should also cover up any minor bumps in the edge. That bottom edge of the blanket isn’t actually that wobbly, that’s just me not laying it out properly before snapping the photo. My camera battery was on the last dregs of it’s charge so I had to work quickly and worry less about making everything line up neatly!

it’s still a cool evening here – we even have the fire on! The children are home again and the sugar crash is hitting hard, so once they settle in for a bonus movie night, I’m going to chuck on an audio book and see if I can knock over a decent chunk of these final colours. My goal for this long weekend is to get them all done and the first round of the border started. About four or five hours work. I reckon that sounds manageable…maybe.

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