when I’m 70.

I had this ball of gorgeous pink cotton. And my mum’s teeny tiny steel 2.5mm crochet hook. So I went nuts on Ravelry and Pinterest, pinning a heap of crochet doilies. (yeah yeah, I know). The last couple of days, I thought of the perfect use for some pink doilies, so out came the cotton and hook, printed off the pattern, and away we went. I stopped at round 10, for two reasons. One, the doily was big enough for what I have in mind for it, and two, I was a bit confused how the pattern expected me to start the next round. End result. 10 round doily.

So anyway, I worked on it over a couple of days, and somewhere around round 7 or 8, I say to the husband “what do you think of my doily?” “Yeah, it’s nice” he replied, without looking, “you’ve very clever sweetheart.” So of course I get my back up. “Don’t patronise me!” “I wasn’t!! I didn’t have a smile or anything!” “yes, but you had that ‘what the face* are you making a doily for’ tone!” “I know what you’re making it for” “oh yeah?” “yeah. You’re practicing for when you are 70!”. And walked away chuckling. Funny chap, that husband of mine.

I hope I have enough cotton left, I want to make two mini ones, altering the pattern slightly to shrink the scale of the whole thing. There could be an awful lot of frogging going on. But I’ll worry about that when it happens. Before I do that, I want to finish this journal I’m binding (sneak peek tomorrow, promise), and finish knitting Butterfly’s beanie. They are the two most pressing WIPs at the minute. But crafty time is limited today – I’m babysitting for a friend, so instead of crafting, we’ve played and swung and chatted out way through the morning. I raked up a massive pile of leaves while they played happily outside, and I’m tempted to have a min-bonfire this weekend. mmmm… burnt marshmallows…. The clouds are clearing, so I might even chuck the toddler seat on the pram and walk around to school. See what kind of mood they wake up in first I guess. Time to tick some more jobs on the list before that though, have a great Wednesday all.


{*side note – we love Modern Family, and Why The Face is a Phil classic. Please tell me we aren’t the only ones to adopt it into out vocabulary?}

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