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whoops I tripped {Advent blog along day six}

whoops I tripped {Advent blog along day six}

…and fell into three balls of yarn and a new project. Because it’s not like I have anything going on this month, is it? Nothing that I’m falling behind on. No to-do list blowing out with extra jobs because I’m a sucker for “just a quick favour, if that’s ok?”. Nothing at all to do with my days besides order more yarn and cast on more projects.

It began with a Facebook scroll – always a harbinger of trouble. Has a random bored scroll ever led anywhere good? But bored I was and scroll I did, and next minute there’s a screenshot and the worst kind of enablers are agreeing that I very much do need to knit the very cute stocking and why don’t I add a white edging as well?

From there it was a hop skip and a jump to yarn shopping. The pattern is a freebie from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and while I love their yarn (I used it for my ripple blanket), I couldn’t justify the cost of wool yarn for a just because I’m bored might never actually do it project. Off to spotlight I went, and found a basic acrylic** in the right colours that would do the trick. At $9 for a 200g ball, what did I have to lose? (Almost half, it seems – I went to grab the link to the yarn I bought and it’s now on special for $5.40, darn it!).

For a cheap acrylic, it actually felt quite nice. It’s not style craft soft, but it’s nicer that the BigW cheapies. Being a 10ply, 200g makes for a massive ball, so I think tomorrow I’m going to pull out my ball winder and drop them into 50g balls to make them more manageable. That is, if I don’t cast on tonight.

I’ve been out at athletics, and got home late, and have only just gotten everyone fed and showered. I have prints ready for me to catch up December Daily. I have my current gnome in progress. A pile of fabric demanding I make a plan for Christmas outfits…surely I can avoid accidentally casting on? There’s so many other distractions, I should be safe…or so you would think…

**I am a Spotlight affiliate, which means if you click this link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only ever affiliate link to products and places I genuinely use and love. Thank you for supporting my blog!

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