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…WIP Wednesday…

…WIP Wednesday…

Since finishing the 100 Days project, I’ve tried to stick with my newly formed daily crochet habit. For the most part, I’ve succeeded. There have absolutely been days I haven’t picked up my hook, but more days than not, I have added at least something to my Atlanticus mandala blanket.

In the early days, it was easy to smash out multiple rows a day, but the bigger the blanket gets, the more flexible I have to get on what I consider a “row”. Last night, I started round 101, which involves a total 234 stitches a side. An entire round at this stage, is equivalent to four rows of my sunshine stripe sampler, so if it’s a busy evening, I will settle for a side instead of an entire round. Considering it is only 90 days since the end of the project, to have 100 rows under my belt is good enough for me to consider the habit & momentum kept.

I’m really enjoying the way the colours are playing together in this blanket, though it is looking a lot different to what I expected. With the warm oranges and bright blues and just a hint of greens peeking through, it is going to be the perfect lap blanket for autumn evenings on the couch, as the weather starts to turn and cool down.

I’m currently wrapping up Part 10 of a twelve part pattern, with 16 rounds left to go. Even at a side per night, instead of a full round, I should be finished by the middle of December. If I can keep the pace up, that would make this my third crochet blanket finished in 2020, a record number of finishes, so I’m feeling mighty motivated to keep pushing on and get it done.

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