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WIP Wednesday :: Autumnal Easter Egg Scarf

WIP Wednesday :: Autumnal Easter Egg Scarf

When I first got my spinning wheel, I grabbed a couple of skeins of fibre from Etsy. I was very deliberate in the order I spun them – one was designated “first”, a pretty skein that I liked, but wouldn’t be devestated if it was less like something knittable and more like art yarn. The second was my favourite of the two, which I’d hoped to make sock yarn out of. Good in theory, but rather an optimistic take. While the yarn is indeed lovely (and won me a place at the show), the skein isn’t overly consistent in thickness – very clearly the work of a beginner spinner. I don’t know what I was thinking, expecting a consistent weight of yarn, and specifically quite a fine weight. On my second ever spin. Yeah I was dreaming.

The skeins sat in my yarn box, waiting for inspiration to strike. Not enough for a garment, not consistent enough to be socks…and so they languished. Over easter, we hosted a four day prompt challenge on our podcast instagram, and day one’s prompt was PATTERN. It was a sign, and off I went into the depths of my Pinterest to come up with a scarf pattern that would show off my yarn. I found a cute semi-open pattern and even better – it was free. Yes please. I got to work printing the chart and caking up my yarn, and once it was done, I snapped a pick and sent it to Car

“It’s giving autumnal easter egg, those colours”

I’ve been working away at it during school each day (on and off), and have managed to get through three colour repeats. I must confess, it is rather cool knitting with yarn I made my very self. The pattern isn’t completely obvious at this stage, but I’ve held it open and I think once it’s blocked it will come up nicely.

Today, I’m putting aside to start a new cross stitch for the school table, but I am looking forward to the new Bridgerton kicking off tomorrow night, and am planning a marathon of watching and knitting (at least until I run out of first drop episodes!). The scarf is ticking along quite slowly, so I’m hoping the kick of a new project will bring with it mojo to keep plodding along on my other projects. That’s the theory anyway.

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