…wip wednesday – chunky bed socks…

Earlier this year, I started the 100 days project. After much consideration, I decided to do a stash-busting project – one hundred days of using up all the odds and ends floating around in my craft room.

One such leftover was a couple of half balls of gorgeous 8ply Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn, left over from my ripple. Too small to do much with, I wondered whether it would work as socks, particularly, as thick, warm, toasty tootsie bed socks.

I was pretty much making it up as I went along – using 4mm circulars I cast on, working on the idea of multiples of 4 to allow me to create a chunky rib top. I ended up with 48 stitches, which looked about the same width as my sock I had cast on using an actual pattern with actual sock yarn. Then it was just a matter of setting up the magic loop and k2p2 for 10 rows, and then just knit knit knit all the way down to the ankle.

For the length, I just eyeballed it, holding the sock up against the side of my foot until it looked about the right length for my preferences (ankle height), and then turned the heel using a double wrap short row heel.

I just did a standard angle toe to finish it off, and straight off the needles onto my foot. It is so warm and toasty, I am really happy with how it turned out. While using 8 ply for a sock seemed like a bit of a crazy idea to start with, it paid off and these super comfy socks are going to be perfect for camping and those really chilly winter nights.

Now, if only I can get the second sock finished before spring arrives…

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      One sock (singular) is better than no sock. A pair will be awesome – but do tell what happens if you end up with yarn chicken? These are the worries that plague me when using up smaller balls 😉

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