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WIP Wednesday :: in the frog pond

WIP Wednesday :: in the frog pond

When it comes to errors, my motto, generally speaking, is fudge it and keep moving. Sometimes, of course, the errors are too large to ignore, and the choice is made for me. One of the big lessons I’ve learnt is when to let go of perfection, and when to let go of the project.

Over the weekend, with a couple of rainy days on the couch, I was making solid progress on my mandala blanket. Everything was lining up nicely, as I worked my way from the yellows, through the pinks and purples, and into the blues. And then…

Then I came unstuck. On a round that should have been super easy for me – a wave. I even joked in the group chat how cruisy this section was going to be. The first couple of sides weren’t quite right – I needed to add the last stitch of the row into the corner space. Not a worry, says I to I, that’s easy enough to fudge. Then came side three, and it was four stitches too long.

Four. That’s starting to push the limits of what I can fudge and still be happy with the result. I got to counting, and found the error…ten rows back. Ten. That’s…a not insignificant number of rounds, especially when each row was closing in on 600 stitches per. Into the naughty corner went the blanket, while I scowled at it and sipped a cup of tea and pondering the correct course of action to discipline the badly behaved blanket.

In the end, I felt like the obvious answer was obvious. The error was starting to impact the shape of the blanket, and I wasn’t going to be happy with it if I fudged it. The only course of action was to head, blanket in one hand, sulk in the other, off to the frog pond.

I frogged nine full rounds, and three quarters of round ten. Today, I’m planing on cozying down on the couch and triple counting each side of the recalcitrant round. A new episode of High Country dropped yesterday, so it will be a good distraction to pop on the laptop and try and work out the whodunnit of last week’s cliff hanger while I start making progress (if you can call replacing frogged sections progress). I’ve got a stack of mini cards to catch up on and some photos too. The craft room has had a good once over this morning, and the trolley is next in my sights. I’ve baked a cake and laid out a collage and caught up on all my committee paperwork. It’s been a productive kind of morning that is going a long way towards healing my sulks. The afternoon is full of meetings and soup kitchen and packing Bear off to uni for the week, but first, I think that cake needs a taste test. Cake can be lunch, can’t it?

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