WIP Wednesday :: Queen Anne’s Lace

Back when we were waiting for Beetle Baby, my Monday morning routine included weekly appointments with my OB. I generally had 10 or 15 minutes of sitting around, and with the children either at home with my mum helping them get ready for school, or for later appointments, at work with daddy, it was the perfect time for sneaking in some handcrafting. At first, I had my cowl to finish off, but it was done and finished with slight two or three weeks to go. My ripple was too big to cart about in my handbag, and then I recalled a small ball of teal yarn I’d bought at Camp K last August. I checked in with Car as to the speed a Queen Anne’s Lace scarf crochets up, and armed with a pattern and a big fat 5.5mm Clover hook, it made the weekly trek with me to my appointments, and then off to hospital, and home again.


It’s nearly finished, if I could get more than 5 minutes on it at a time it shouldn’t take too much longer. Of COURSE it’s in teal (like everything else I seem to own at the minute), and being delicate and thin and light, it will be perfect for spring. And everytime I look at it, I will be reminded of the moments and days and weeks that we waited, watching little feet kick at my hip, dreaming about the little person inside who would soon join us and complete our family.Even if I don’t wear it all that much, even if teal falls out of fashion and it gets stashed on a shelf, this scarf will always hold a special place in my heart as a tangible reminder of this special and transitory time in our family’s story.

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