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wip wednesday :: yarn chicken edition

wip wednesday :: yarn chicken edition

Once upon a time, I was a crafter who put more effort into collecting craft supplies than actually using said craft supplies. The downside was my craft room was bulging at the seams and begging for mercy. The upside is it made it really easy to start new projects on a whim. Then I became a finisher, and that generous stash of yarn that kicked off with the rainbow wave, slowly thinned out. Enough so that it was easier than expected to unpack the crate from the container when we moved in.

But still, after four years of wrangling a crate that was over-full, I mentally expected my stash to be something akin to the Magic Pudding; no matter how much is taken, it will be full again next visit. Until, of course, it wasn’t. In October, I started another new blanket, because why not. I loaded up my project bag, got stuck in, and then, last night, as I headed towards the finish like, I came unstuck.

I pulled out the Shrimp yarn, and joined it ready to work. Turning the first corner, I realised I was in trouble. The ball was rapidly deteriorating into a tail, and there wasn’t a hope of finishing the current side, never mind the round, or the whole blanket. “What,” I dropped into the chat, “are the chances I’ll have another ball of Shrimp in stash?”. “Not good,” came the reply. I checked my emails; in theory, there should be a second ball. I’d bought two back in 2019 for my long abandoned and partially frogged Sunrise Stripe.

After going stash diving this morning, I did indeed find a second ball, or the remnants of one, anyway. Throwing it on the kitchen scale, I have a grand total of 30g left of the 100g ball. I still have four parts of the pattern to crochet up, and each round is just getting larger and larger. Possibly there is more still to be frogged from the failed blanket, but I think it might just be time to consider a little top up order. Shrimp, for sure, and the Blush is looking a bit light on as well. A couple of balls of white to bolster the basics, and Petrol simply because I love it. Maybe just one of each blanket colour to be safe? The yarn has to come from LoveCrafts in the UK, so I’m better to err on the side of caution, lest I risk running short and being forced to shelve the project while I wait on the carrier pigeons.

So that’s today’s plan. Audit the stash, order some yarn. Finish the current round of shrimp, and maybe a couple of rounds of weaving. School is wrapping up for the morning, with just our Easter activity for today to go. We’re a bit old mother Hubbard so some baking is likely on the agenda too. The clouds are rolling in again, and it’s a nice cozy day for curling up with a book and a cuppa. There’s chores to do, groceries to order, videos to film. But that cuppa is calling my name and some easter eggs if I can sneak one out without the kids spotting me. Wish me luck with that. Happy Wednesday friends, what are you making today?

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