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…DIVE in…

…DIVE in…

I’ve been a bit haphazard over the years, with how I track my One Little Word and it’s impact. Some years, I’ve kept journals, or a monthly collage on instagram. Some years, like last year, the word disappears under the mess of the craziness that is life – and ends up being perfect anyway. This year is threatening to be a bit scattered, with a whole lot going on, and so I decided to pick up an idea I’d seen around blogland, back when daily blogs where a thing, and feedly was the first app I opened of a morning.

I would set monthly goals to DIVE into.

I’m keeping it easy, as I also have a separate list of goals to share over on my lifestyle blog as well. For February, I have three main things I want to DIVE into:

  • the 100 days project. I’ve written a little on this, and need to write some more and also possibly refine my plan…
  • reading three Australian books. Aussie culture can get a bit overwhelmed sometimes, and a lot of the big popular works that pop up on insta is often American based. I would like to read at least three Aussie books this month, across a range of genres and veiwpoints.
  • learning to sew lingerie. I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, and with both myself and a growing daughter in need of a drawer restock, it was the perfect time to DIVE in. I will be sure to share my learning process on the blog!

So that’s it for February. It doesn’t feel like a lot written down like that, but one is a daily project, one is a new skills, and reading can be hard squeeze into cracks of my day at the start of a new school year while I’m still finding my feet and a new rhythm. They are small, and achievable, and tickle my mojo bone, so we’ll start off easy and see what magic we can DIVE into in February.

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