A quick little project

So I am up to my eyeballs in work at the minute, and don’t really have time for crafty stuff. *sob*. But I’ve snuck in a couple of bursts. Some people have smoko, I have craft-o. One of the benefits or working at home for oneself, really. (I am yet to decide if free-range access to the chocolate stash is a positive or negative… I reaaly need to find me some self-control!)


In the middle of sewing another project a week or so back, the regularity of slightly awkward twisting towards the pincushion sitting to the right of my sewing machine was preventing me from developing a completely harmonious rhythm. Sew, stop, twist, stab. Sew, stop twist, stab. I found myself wishing for a wrist pincushion. I could easily flick a pin the couple of inches from my right hand to my left wrist, and not disrupt my flow as much. But it had to be cute. And cheery. And quick. A dive in the scraps bag, and ta-da!



I’ve got some cut fabric waiting to to whipped into shape, which will be a good test drive for this little cutie. Unfortunately, it’s not looking like today will be the day. A pile of work to do. A bathroom to clean. Some cute little boys to play with while the mild winter days prevail. I can see a bike ride coming up. Maybe even a wander to the park to find some ducks. The sun is shining, the day is beautiful, and despite the not-so-fun stuff on teh to-do list, it’s going to rock anyway! Let’s do this!

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