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CULTIVATE a joyful life

CULTIVATE a joyful life

With three years of “uncertain” and “unprecedented” times behind us, and a year of change and unpredictability ahead, trying to narrow down a word to keep me grounded and focused has been hard. Nothing has quite hit the spot, to encompass all I want this year to be, the growth I want to invite, the projects I want to lose myself in. And then, like most of my words, it came to me in a rush at the last minute.

In 2023, I want to CULTIVATE a life I love.

I want to CULTIVATE a final season of peace in our cabin, leaving the stress of house building at the site.

I want to CULTIVATE a new home that is a joy to spend time in, that honours the chapters of our families story that have come before, and welcomes new chapters yet to be written.

I want to CULTIVATE daily habits of creativity, spending a moment with hobbies long left dormant.

I want to CULTIVATE a morning rhythm that prioritises grounding and fresh air, and leaves no space for wasteful scrolling.

I want to CULTIVATE enriching online spaces – the blog, the podcast, instagram, my newsletter.

I want to CULTIVATE a new homeschool style that better suits our current ages and stages.

I very nearly went with “intention”, even though I have had it as my word previously. Grow, bloom, rejuvenate, nourish all were in play at certain points. CULTIVATE, to me, encompasses all of them. It’s intention, with action. It encourages growth, and encourages rest. Restoration and self care. It supports current hobbies and leaves space for new ones.

Heading into the fourth year of the roaring twenties, I won’t begin to pretend I have any idea of what the year will bring. I know that the best laid plans of mice and men tend to be eaten by a pangolin with a grudge. The year will be what it will be, much of it well beyond my feeble control. Along the way though, I can work on myself and how I spend my time and attention. Even in another guaranteed to be unprecedented year, I can CULTIVATE moments of joy and creativity, and build on the lessons of the previous few years.

Hello 2023, let’s CULTIVATE some adventures.

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