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A must make list is always a dangerous idea for me – a bit like a must finish list (let’s not talk about how I went with my 2014 Kick The Bucket challenge list, ok?). For those who have been here a while, you’ll know I follow my muse with a focus that would put Dory to shame (oooooo shiny!), flitting from one project to the next as the whim takes me. So when I first saw the idea for posting a 2015 Must Make list on Facebook, I contemplated it for all of 5 seconds, and then laughed and laughed and laughed. Aside from my letterpress stationery, which I hope to ramp up this year (including a new, dedicated etsy shop!), I don’t know what I’ll be interested in two weeks from now, let alone by December.

Then, we went camping over Christmas (which I hope to blog about next week over on my travel blog), which as well as being a fabulous holiday, is also a trial run for a big, month-long trip in July, and brought to my attention a few things I want to make before then. On my “must make before July” list:

A set of overnight bags – one per person (to match mine)
A quilt for our bed.
tweaks to Beetle’s camp stretcher wrap (more info on that to come!)
seat-back organisers for the car
An organiser tote for my crafty gear
Something for small toy storage.
Two hats per child (are my children the only one who lose hats like nobody’s business?)
Clothes hanger hat organiser for the above!!

I’m sure there were a couple of other things I wanted, but that’s a pretty decent list to start with! How about you, what are you hoping to get made in 2015?

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