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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

The first week back after break is always a tricky one. I never get as much craft time as we settle into new subjects, which in turn leaves me feeling adrift. This week has been particularly lacking in the crafting department, but I got some sewing in yesterday and feel much more grounded now! It’s also the final birthday of the 2021 birthday season today, so I’ve been cake decorating. I cheated this year, and bought a Coles mud cake and then just decorated that. Cabin life requires a certain level of flexibility and resourcefulness, and the kids were happy enough with the compromise.

Around here this week, I have been:

READING A Day Like This, via Kindle First (and it’s a two book month! Yay!). I started it Friday night, and finished it yesterday lunch time. It was amazing. Such a riot of emotion the whole way through, and I was hooked to the very end

WATCHING Cars for the 3 millionth time. It’s been a staple for family movie night since Bear was a toddler, and its fun now he’s a teen and old enough to get the more grown up jokes we’ve been giggling over for years.

LISTENING TO “Indie Memories” on Spotify. Such a fun collection of Aussie music for weekend crafting

STARTING to outline a fun new class for Crafty Monkies. I am both thrilled and terrified to be joining their teaching team later this year. Look for more details in the next couple of weeks!

FINISHING a new outfit for Miss Butterfly from a vintage pattern my mum sewed up for me when I was small.

PLANNING summer sewing, and getting ready to tackle the final frontier of garment sewing – swimmers!! And because I don’t do anything by halves, I am going to have a crack at designing them myself.

Elsewhere this week, our third podcast episode dropped!! This week, Car and I compare notes on our WIP piles; starting, finishing, and learning to let go. You can find Ministry of Crafty Shenanigans on Apple, Spotify, Amazon & Audible, or stream direct from our website at where you can also check out our new podcast blog.

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