This is my life.

It’s school holidays. It’s hot. I have three small people to play with and love on, and memories to make. I’m sure you can forgive my lack of blogging this past week, and for the remainder of January.






4 thoughts on “This is my life.

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      OMG, I recognise some of the prints in that first image from when I first started quilting about 20 years ago. There was such limited choice!

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      Would have gone well with the patchwork cushion I made in about year 9 or 10 – probably about the same time. It was that dusty pink with navy and a navy/pink/green floral print. I remember agonising over the colour choices. I used a Margaret Rolfe flower pattern and drew seam lines to piece it all together.
      I recently found a copy of the book in an op-shop, but got rid of the cushion about 2 years back because it had faded and was falling apart, beyond repair.

      It is wonderful that yours is still going strong!

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      I have not been blogging for a different reason!!

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