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After much procrastinating, I have finally found the surface of my studio desk. With the view out the window grey & bleak, and the gentle thunk of raindrops on the tin roof above me lulling me into a hypnotic state, I’ve dusted off the sewing machine and am ready to create! A shopping bag, a backpack. Some smocks. The Ugly Snuggly. Play clothes. Pyjamas. And not to mention the other creating I want to get stuck into. Some scrapping. Maybe a spot of painting. My mind is racing & my heart is singing. With the power of creativity surging through my bones, I will just leave you with a quick update on my reading list, and then it’s back into the zone for me.



1. The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald (fiction, opshop find) *** (Jan 09)

2. Fishing for Stars – Bryce Courtney (fiction, new/gift) ***1/2 (Jan 09)

3. The Time Travellers Wife – Audrey Niffenegger (fiction, re-read for the 736th time) ****1/2 (Feb 09)

4. The Adventure of English:A biography of a Language – Melvin Bragg(non-fiction, re-read for the 312th time) ***1/2 (Feb 09)

5. Vet in a Spin – James Herriot (non-fiction, memoir, re-read) **** (Feb 09)

6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – James Herriot (non-fiction, memoir, re-read) ***1/2 (Feb 09)

7. Various Flavours of Coffee – Anthony Capella (fiction, library find) ***1/2 (Feb 09)

8. How to help you child read & write – Dr Dominic Wyse (non-fiction, library find) *** (Feb 09)

9. Before I Wake – John Scott (fiction, library find) (in progress, contemplating giving up!)

10. From Here to Maternity – Sinead Moriarty (fiction, chick-lit, library find) **** (March 09)

11. Dog Stories – James Herriot (non-fiction, memoirs, re-read) *** (March 09)

12. The Planets – Dava Sobel (non-fiction, astronomy, new/gift) **** (March 09)

13. Creative Play for Your Baby – Christopher Clouder & Janni Nicol (non-fiction, Steiner based play & craft, new) ***** (March 09)

14. The Writing Class – Jincy Willitt (fiction, light crime/homour, library find) **** (April 09)

15. Australia Street – Ann Whitehead (fiction, drama, library find) **** (April 09)

16. Behind the Bestsellers – Jenny Bond & Chris Sheedy (non-fiction, literature history, library find) ****1/2 (April 09)

17. But Wait, There’s More… – Robert Crawford (non-fiction, advertising, library find) ** (April 09)

18. Sacred Influence – Gary Thomas (non-fiction, Christian marriage, from my neglected collection) **** (April 09)

19. Princesses and Po.rn$tars – Emily McIntyre (non-fiction, modern feminism, library find) **** (May 09)

20. Wings above Billabong – Mary Grant Bruce (fiction, childrens/young teens fiction, well-read favourite) **** (May 09)

21. We Need to Talk About Kevin – Lionel Shriver (fiction, drama, library find)***1/2 (May 09)

22. The Pilot’s Wife – Anita Shreve (fiction, drama, library find) ****1/2 (May 09)

23. Double Fault – Lionel Shriver (fiction) **** (May 09)

24. The Last Time They Met – Anita Shreve (fiction) **** (June 09) 

25. Road to Paradise – Paullina Simons (fiction) ***1/2 (July 09)

26. Lessons in Heartbreak – Cathy Kelly (fiction) **** (July 09)

27. 1788 – David Hill (nonfiction, Australian History) ***(Aug 09)

28. Blue Paws – Matt McCredie (nonfiction, police dog memoirs) ***1/2 (Aug 09)

{I am a German Shepard owner & lover, so this was a great book to see behind the life of a working dog. A bit sad in parts, but I’m still cracking up at the mental image of a large Alsatian laying on a bed, on his back, paws straight up in the air. Classic!}

29. The No-Cry Sleep Solution – Elizabeth Pantley (nonfiction, attachment parenting) ****1/2 (Aug 09)

{Yep, we have sleep issues. And no, I am not going to let my 11-month-old cry/scream himself to sleep. Awesome book that helps to encourage non-sleeping babies to sleep, with absolutely no controlled crying or the like.  Chubba Bubba still doesn’t sleep through the night, but he is a lot easier to settle. I feel like we are making progress. Great read for all mummies!}

30. Where to now? Lots to choose from. Watch this space!

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