Bargain hunting

I went shopping… What did you find?… I found a roll of paper, for us to unwind…

The “I Went Walking” game is a particular favourite, inspired by the book of the same name. I can’t recall the author off-hand, but it’s a beautifully illustrated children’satory we’ve borrowed from the library more than once. Almost every time we go walking, Bear skips along side me, “mummy, I went walking”… What he sees varies, but his favourite thing to see is his little brother (insert warm fuzzies here).

Anyway, I digress. Paper. Lots of it. The roll you see in the image above is as wide as a broadsheet newspaper, and would be almost an inch thick. All for the bargain price of $8. Yep, I found us a bargain! Wrapping paper. Drawing. Painting. Lots of fun.

Just a brief little post today, can’t stop and chat, busy losing my mind. Errr, I mean, attempting to FMQ a bargello quilt. Upside down. Can you imagine how well *that* is going. Oh, and it needs to be quilted with the binding attached by Friday. AM. At the latest. Oh dear. And I’ve got to squeeze in a change mat somewhere too. My and my big ideas. I need to get busy. Happy Wednesday. Let’s do this!

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