table for one :: visual dare #17


The crowds rushed past the tables spilling onto the sidewalk, and then, the rush slowed, and the passengers from the train just arrived had all moved on. At the back of the group, backpack over her shoulder, Lauren stopped, and dumped her heavy pack on the ground. She shooed away the pigeon hoping for some scraps, and pulled out the postcards she’d bought just moments before. Her little ritual, a card to her mum and dad. her sister, and her best friend. And one left over. As always. Sometimes she’d write, and not send it. Sometimes she’d leave it blank.  Today felt like a writing day, and who knew, maybe she’d even send this one. She lifted her pen, and began to write. “Dear Paul”.




This little episode of Lauren and Paul’s story is thanks to Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare. I tried really hard to get it down to 100 words today, but starting at over 250, I don’t think I could cull more without losing what I wanted from the scene – 121 words.

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