{take flight} Dear Jane

{take flight} is a short series over the next week or two based around the brilliant amount of crafting I got done on our roadtrip.

Dear Jane,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But then, that’s not surprising, I guess. One of the best parts of deciding to handstitch your quilt is the portability factor. A small box and I’m set. And so, I found myself pulling out a block I was working on – last April. That was humbling. A project I was so keen on, and I managed to ignore it for over a year. And all it really needed was four small leaves appliqued on, which I did, taking all of 10 minutes. No excuse but laziness for that, I’m afraid.

So then I cut the next block, and started piecing. I feel like I’ve found my groove now with the handstitching, and this little block came together quickly as we soaked up the sun at a little beach town called 1770 at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef. All but one seam got stitched, and that last one I finished yesterday, between loads of washing as the reality of life settled back upon us. I’m happy with this block, it’s neat and fits together. I interspersed it with some yarn crafting, and with the end of my current knitting project almost complete, I’m planning on a weekend of stitching to get another block or two done this week.

Slow and steady. More with the steady and less with the slow, else this quilt will never be finished.



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