tea for two :: cinnamon tea cake

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OCCASSION: I’m 8 months pregnant. I had the munchies.

BRIEF & RATIONALE: I wanted to make a tiramisu inspired cheesecake, but Butterfly asked for “plain cake, I not wike cheesecake mama!”.

SOURCE: AWW Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites


CHILD FRIENDLY? 6.5/10 – Butterfly helped me add in the dry ingredients, the rest is via beaters. Older children capable of using a mixmaster would be fine under supervision.

REALITY V COOKBOOK: 8/10 – I don’t think I used enough sugar and cinnamon on top.

TASTE: 10/10.

FINAL VERDICT: I haven’t made one of these cakes for a while, and while quite simple, it’s a perfect accompaniment to one’s morning coffee break.


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      Well, first of all, I guess I haven’t been paying attention. Eight months pregnant! Whoo hoo!! Secondly, about this cinnamon tea cake? Yes please!

      I am now positively yearning for a piece of spicy loaf cake and a cup of coffee :))

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        I shall have a piece for you then! And yeah, that’s why I was absent a lot early this year, quite unwell. No huge announcement was made, so you’re not the only one who didn’t know!

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