Uses for the egg carton #964

I found myself in a predicament. Bear had made a tractor from some boxes (photos soon!), and was merrily painting away. Chubba Bubba thought he should be involved too. I glanced around, and my gaze alighted on an egg carton, dragged enthusiastically into the toy room by the children, and just as enthusiastically cast aside in favour of other games. […]

Bargain hunting

I went shopping… What did you find?… I found a roll of paper, for us to unwind… The “I Went Walking” game is a particular favourite, inspired by the book of the same name. I can’t recall the author off-hand, but it’s a beautifully illustrated children’satory we’ve borrowed from the library more than once. Almost every time we go walking, […]


With the sun shining, and two small boy full of energy, there really was no option today, other than to be outdoors. So when Bear asked for “painting, mummy, outside?”, we grabbed the paints, a couple of canvases and found outrselves a nice shady spot to sit and paint. Another two canvases down for our garland, a lesson on mixing […]

Painting, baking and all that mummy stuff.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my quiltinaday project! It was a lot of fun to make, and the recipient absolutely loves it! The tight deadline as I stitched down the binding was a bit much though!  So after my valiant effort, and my two little boys being very patient, today is all about being creative at a […]

Baby gifty crafty things

My cousin recently had a baby, so as part of her gift, I made her a change quilt (I was a bit absent-minded and forgot the nappy pocket – oops!).   And to wrap it, I grabbed a piece of brown paper I had lying around, and, coating toddler sized feet in various shades of blue paint, let the boy […]

Gift tags…

So I finished my gift tags, and now I can start wrapping the mountain of presents sitting in my office. I also knocked out a huge whack yesterday, all I have left to buy is a few scratchies, and something for my 3 BIL’s – I hate shopping for men! The gift tags: And I decided to scrap my previous […]