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…last minute gift ideas…

…last minute gift ideas…

Four sleeps to go, and around here, we are full steam ahead on the Christmas gift crafting train!

One of our favourite things to make for various grandparents & great-grandparents, is a baked goodies hamper. Like most of us, they don’t need, or even particularly want, anything, but we still want to give them something. This year, their box of goodies includes mulberry jam (from mulberries we picked ourselves!!), our traditional rocky road, and some decorated sugar cookies, along with our annual brag book update, and a 5×7″ photo of the children looking like little angels…well, most of them. Mr13 looks more like a rather disturbed serial killer, because to smile like a normal person is a bridge too far, apparently.

The key to a good hamper inclusion, is something yummy, reasonably simple to make (because I like to get the kids involved), not too fancy or with an out of the box flavour, and bonus points if most of it is semi-non-perishable. A few favourites from my archives are:

1. Turkish delight Slice/Mars Bar Slice | 2. Chocolate covered pretzels (or for a super fancy proper pretzel – THESE are the bomb) | 3. Caramel Tarts | 4. Gluten Free Donut Holes

Speaking of hampers, gift boxes & care packages are some of my favourite gifts to put together. I’m actually putting one together today, on behalf of the mister. Some of my favourites have been:

1. Camp Covid (obviously!) | 2. Graduation in a box | 3. Birthday In A Box | 4. Goodie bag + handmade pouch

Kids, I find, are the easiest to make for! As I looked through my archives, deciding what I wanted to share, I found I tend to reach for my sewing machine! In fun things to sew for kids, my go-to’s are:

1. Pencil Roll | 2. Doll Carrier | 3. Mini Quilt | 4. Wallet

But for the times I don’t feel like sewing, some of my favourite kid-gifts are:

1. Milo vest (still time if you’re a fast knitter!) | 2. Cookies In A Jar | 3. Cash is popular with teens, but like, make it cute | 4. For the crafty types, what about a handmade kit? I’ve made cross stitch & book kits in the past

For the grown ups, it can be a bit tricker, but my top four recommendations would be:

1. A bag or a pouch | 2. Personalised tumbler or mug | 3. Beaded Bracelet | 4. Mug rug

It’s been really interesting diving back into the archives and seeing how my photos and crafting skills have grown over the last 14 years of blogging! It was also fun picking through my projects, and working out what work as gifts, and what work in a short time frame. I didn’t even mention my quilt in a day!

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